Common Problems With A Water Heater

A home water heater is often unnoticed until it acts up. Once you are the same as most people, while the heater is pouring hot water as needed, you don’t go out of your way to check on it. Here are some of the common water heater issue that you may encounter:

Stinking Water : The stinking hot water often indicates that the water is contaminated with bacteria. In most cases, you can identify a rotten egg-type odor. You can deal with it yourself by rinsing the tank and adding a solution of water. Let the solution settle in the tank for a couple of hours or so and you can rinse with clean water. 

Not Hot Enough : The water tank that pours water that is not hot enough is one common issue you may experience with the water heater. Oftentimes, it can be fixed by increasing the temperature on the thermostat. Don’t rush, however, so as not to set the temperature high enough, as it can be a big risk.

Not Hot At All : Once you don’t fill your cup with hot water after turning the faucets and the unit is run by gas, your problem must be the pilot light that has been put out. It can be the result of a defective thermocouple or a broken pilot control valve. One possible reason is a heating element for an electric unit or the thermocouple for a gas-operated one that requires replacement.

Leaky Tank : Unluckily, if the tank starts to drip, it’s game over and it’s best to buy a new one. Leaks, no matter how little, are not something you should overlook. You definitely don’t want at most a 60-gallon tank leaking down your house or basement. At the initial sign of the problem, contact a plumber to identify your need of getting a new unit.

Noisy Tank  : When a water tank is producing strange sounds, it may indicate some problems. One possible thing is that the tank is stuck with sediments and the heating element is scorching the sediments. Once this occurs, you’ll need to leak the water tank, a somewhat simple procedure and you need to do it annually as regular maintenance. The water tank can also be producing some noise when the heating element begins to burn out.

Determining when to contact a professional and when to try the DIY repair work can save you money in keeping the water tank functional. Emerald Plumbers can help you deal with these water heater issues in no time. Contact one of their water heater repair specialists to book a service appointment. Also, check services for sewer line repair clogged toilet repair, faucet repair, and other emergency plumber services.

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