Do-It-Yourself Drain Cleaning & Why It’s A Bad Idea

You turn on the water in your sink, shower, or tap, and instead of flowing down the drain, it begins to back up. After seeing countless liquid drain cleaner commercials, you want to reach for that thick blue liquid bottle with chemicals written on it because it will get your problems done perfectly and quickly, right?

Well, we hate to say the bad news about drain cleaners. The companies who made these drain cleaners won’t tell you how damaging these chemicals are to your pipes and yourself, too. It has substances that could be harmful enough to your skin.

If you insist on trying a liquid-based solution to clear up the minor clogs in your home, here are the two easy, inexpensive solutions that could work:

  • Pour a large pot of very hot water down your drain. Follow it up with some cool water to flush out the clogs that just melted away.
  • Pour half a cup of baking soda down to your drain and follow with half a cup of vinegar.

After you have done the steps above, let it sit overnight. In the morning, flush the drains with hot water and voila, no more clogs and they will work and smell, too like they’re brand new again! We recommend doing this once every month.

What NOT to put down your Drain:

  • grease, fats, or oil
  • eggshells
  • pasta, rice, and potatoes
  • bones
  • fibrous foods
  • coffee grounds
  • tissues, napkins, paper towels
  • sanitary wipes
  • hair

Call the Experts when DIY Drain Cleaning Didn’t Work

Always call the master plumbers of Emerald Plumbers for reliable, well-experienced, and efficient plumbing repair and drain cleaning services when your DIY solutions didn’t work. We deliver prompt, same-day service from our local team, fully stocked trucks, respectful, and professional plumbers. 

So, if you need help cleaning a drain in your home, do not hesitate to give Emerald Plumbers a call or contact us online!

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