Signs That Your Sewer Line Needs Replacement

One of the most significant components of our homes is sometimes ignored until something goes off. Just like our sewer lines, it plays a vital part, making our daily lives run smoothly. We might not think a lot about our sewer lines, but they provide a valuable service that makes our lives less complicated. But when things go astray, we quickly notice that something is not right, and the hassle it brings would be tremendous. So, it is necessary to make sure that you pay close attention to your sewer lines.

When To Look For Sewer Line Replacement

The followings below are signs that your sewer line might need replacement:

  • Overflowing / Clogging- If you’re experiencing clogs or toilet overflowing, it is a sign that you have some sort of sewer line problem. If you see water backing up when you flush your toilet or clogs while you use the kitchen sink, it is a sign that your sewer line is in trouble. With frequent overflowing or clogging, better call a professional plumber to check them.
  • Sluggish Draining – A slow drain may be a sign that an obstruction is beginning to buildup, which will eventually lead to a clog and a water backup within your sewer line. If your kitchen sink or toilets are draining slowly, it is necessary to resolve the issue as fast as possible to prevent major damages. However, If you are experiencing sluggish draining with all of your drain systems, it’s more likely you’re not dealing with a minor clog but a bigger sewer line issue.
  • Old Sewerage System- Sewer lines tend to fail more, especially if the system is too old. If you are unsure how old your pipelines are, consider the age of your home. A house built a long time ago is more likely to require sewer line replacement.

However, there are still other signs that you need sewer line replacement, and it is better to hire someone that can better help you with that. But if you are here for some sewer line repair, clogged toilet repair, or just any plumbing repair services you desire, Emerald Plumbers can help.

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