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Leak detection

A leaky faucet or toilet is easy to identify and simple to fix. But not all water leaks are so easy to locate and deal with. Leaks coming from buried pipes or pipes hidden inside walls present unique challenges to plumbers such as a slab leak. When in need of such reliable, efficient, and prompt service for leak detection services, Emerald Plumbers is the right one to call!

A slab leak is a leaky pipe located underneath your home’s concrete walls, buried in the soil, or the basement floor. This unfortunate location makes it difficult to locate the leaks. However, there are several significant signs to tell you where the leak is located, such as:

  • There is a sound of running water, even though your faucets and toilets are not running
  • Visible wet on your carpet, flooring, or concrete floor
  • Visible wet or moldy drywall on the lower floor of your home
  • There is a mildew odor or smell in your basement
  • A visible sign of damage to the foundation of your home

If you suspect a slab leak in your home, don’t delay seeking professional help to detect water leaks and repair it right away. Emerald Plumbers are efficient, prompt, and professional plumbers that can quickly locate the leak, create the smallest possible opening to complete the water leak repair in no time. We use a variety of tools and technologies to find water leaks buried under the soil, inside your walls, and below the concrete slabs. 

So whenever you think you have a water leak that you can’t locate, request an estimate for leak detection services with your local Emerald Plumbers today! Call now!

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Emerald Plumbers

Awesome services! Emerald Plumbers has nailed it! This plumbing company was able to fix my plumbing fixtures effectively, and I’m grateful because they did it with no delays. The service they have provided was indeed phenomenal, and I’m happy because the charges are affordable as well. I will surely hire this company again for my future plumbing repair needs.

Anna K.

Emerald Plumbers

I highly recommend Emerald Plumbers to all of my friends! I was so overwhelmed by how their plumber carried the assigned task excellently even if he was just alone. He just finished the job earlier than the scheduled time. I can say that he was fully trained and skilled to handle the task. I didn’t regret my decision of hiring Emerald Plumbers for my leaky faucet and faulty pipelines. A great job to all of you, especially to the assigned plumber. Thank you for not failing my expectations, guys! I will surely hire you again for my faulty plumbing system.

Aleksander S.

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